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About us

The consulting firm Dr. Eggert Öko-Management-Consult (ÖMC) is successfully acting in following areas since 1994:

  • Managementconsultations
  • International projects
  • Auditing and EFQM-assessments of management systems
  • Education and training
  • Establishment of quality, energy and environmental improvement centers at our customers

Our team is distinguished by the highest standards concerning reliability and punctuality, as well as innovativeness and customer-oriented approach.

The most important criteria in selecting our consultants and lecturers are their first-class qualification, practical experience and social competence.

The focus of our business activities lies on Quality Management, Environmental Management, Energy Management, Process Management, sustainable business development, economic cooperation and green economy. As a company acting on the international level we possess all necessary experience and knowledge (language, mentality) to accomplish various complex tasks together with our customers.

Our customers are enterprises in the sectors of metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, automotive parts supply, chemicals, food industry, transport systems, financial services.


ÖMC is a member of the following organizations:

  • German society for quality (DGQ)
  • Association of European consultancies (VEU e.V.)
  • Working group “Energy management and energy efficiency” of the Environmental protection standards committee (NAGUS) of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN).

ÖMC services include consulting, training and auditing of enterprises and organizations (national and international ones) in all respects.

  • Professional staff with many years of experience as consultants and auditors
  • Consultants with a high practical and theoretical level of knowledge
  • Individual solutions of problems as a result of effective consultation taking into account client's characteristics and goals
  • Training programs for various target groups
  • Obligatory adherence to the strict professional guidelines
  • best integrated and sustainable services for our clients
  • Reliability, continuous improvement and efficiency
  • Independence and client-orientation

The credo of Dr. Eggert Öko-Management-Consult is: Quality is our speciality.

In connection with this credo we follow some principles:


  • The market success of quality and environment, energy and process management systemsis closely connected with their quality. ÖMC clearly demonstrates adherence of innovative, high-performance, effective and practice-oriented services which are aligned with the clients' wishes and requirements. The principles of sustainability and responsible care are integrated within ÖMC activities.


  • We always stick to the agreed scope of services and commitments. We react discreet, flexibly, adequately and fast on the changes and specific situations which can occur at companies. Thus, we are a reliable partner for our customers.

Social competence

  • With sensibility and empathy Dr. Eggert Öko-Management-Consult responsively develops a clearly structured support program, so that our customer:
    • can obtain new orientations and can achieve improvements independently
    • can competently implement solutions and reach appropriate results.

Service competence

  • The professional competence of our staff members is reflected not only in the support of the customers in searching solutions for their problems but also in the customer's continuous involvement in every phase of the project.

Practical orientation

  • Every staff member of ÖMC seeks to build responsibly and independently a stable long-term cooperation with our customers for mutual benefit. This means that with the help of accompanying measureswe bring into action the implementation process at the organisation, recognize the problems and by means of appropriate measures contribute to the successful finalisation of a project. Practical orientation means for our consultants that they should present and provide our customers with verifiable and traceable results.

System competence

  • Quality, energy and environment manager (EOQ)
  • EOQ auditors/ assessors
  • Projektmanager


  • Accredited DGQ/TÜV lecturers/ examiners
  • Accreditations
  • Standardization
  • Certification
  • Development of methodologies/ training course

Social competence

  • Management skills
  • Empathy
  • Teamwork
  • Efficiency

Professional competence

  • Education (Graduates in chemistry, physics, business management, engineers for machine building)
  • Long working experience in different fields
  • Publication of guidelines, manuals and specialized articles